Fence Types

Chain Link

A chain link fence can be a more cost-effective option. These fences come in a variety of styles, allowing you to find the one that not only suits your needs, but also provides the level of protection you require. Beyond the security benefits, another great plus side to chain link fencing is the fact that it requires minimal maintenance. The durability is ideal for harsh weather such as winter snowstorms and high humidity levels.


With all the different types of woods, and the way in which they can be cut, wood fences are among the most versatile. Perhaps the most common reason you may choose a wood fence is to add a little privacy to your property. A residential wood fence provides a natural look that complements landscaping and other garden features in your yard. It’s an economical option, and you can be creative with the range of available style options for wood fences. You can also choose to add a distinctive pattern or lattice to the top of your fence for added height and decoration. Wood fence repairs are also usually less complex than other materials since damaged or loose boards can be individually replaced.


Many homeowners love the look of a wood fence but don’t want the amount of maintenance that type of fence requires. We offer vinyl fence options for both commercial and residential customers. You will find there are many options when it comes to choosing a vinyl fence for your property. Fences made from vinyl can look similar to many of the wood fences available, but vinyl fences allow you to enjoy the beautiful fence without worrying about rotting or the other issues involved with wood fences.


If you’re interested in quality and aesthetics, we offer designs for an appealing touch. No matter what your particular fencing needs are, we can help you attain the perfect layout and design to keep your property protected. Not only is this type of fencing a good option to provide some added security, but it also offers an aesthetic appeal and can increase the value of your property. This is one of the leading reasons why residents or businesses choose this option as part of their property design.


An Aluminum Fence is a classic option to go for when it comes to residential fences. They not only look stunning and add beauty to your backyard, but they also offer other benefits such as durability, non-rusting properties, longevity, easy maintenance, solid security, and sturdiness.